has been in church for most of her life, accepting Jesus at a young age but coming into her own interpersonal relationship with him in 1987.

Ministry has always been a major part of Elder Keisha's life, from the early days as a Sunday School Youth Secretary and Youth Teacher at Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church in West Palm Beach to her days at historic Mason Temple COGIC as assistant choir director, was a part of the witnessing team and was the assistant drummer. No matter the ministry or position, Elder Keisha made it her mission to be an effective participant in the ministries that garnered her gifting.

In 1993, Elder Keisha moved from the familiar into new territory, not knowing the plans God would set forth as an integral part of ministry in the Fort Lauderdale/Broward County area. Elder Keisha united with several ministries in the area prior and served in the capacities including intercessory prayer, the praise team leader, armor bearer and the Genesis to her calling as a minister of the Gospel.

Anyone knowing Elder Keisha knows that she is a worshipper and can be found behind a microphone and before His people leading them into the sacred space of exaltation unto a Worthy and Mighty God. Previously she was a part of several music ministries including:

The Ambassadors of Joy

The Voices of Inspiration

Elder John Mosley and New Dimensions of Faith

She has also shared the stage with such musical luminaries as LaShun Pace-Rhodes, Albertina Walker, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Darius Brooks, Beatrice Gardener, Evang, Barbara Ward-Farmer, Tarilyn Ramsey and Bishop Yvette Flunder.

Today, Elder Keisha serves as the right arm and major support to Pastor Dallas as co-founder of Fountain of Love Ministries where she teaches, preaches and of course leads worship.